• We are Marki.


    An ambitious global start-up on a mission to improve a $2 trillion industry that is placing huge pressure on environmental and social resources.


    We do that by building a software platform that financially incentivises buyers in the garment industry to maximise sourcing with a minimal impact on the planet.


    Digitally, automated and transparent.


    Find out below how Marki works, and why we need you to join our mission.

  • How Marki will disrupt the industry

    Responsible sourcing

    Marki's algorithm creates enhanced market opportunities for low-impact suppliers, by turning Impact into a financial metric.

    This will accelerate the industry moving towards a lower footprint instead of the current practice of chasing the cheapest needle.

    Data-driven transparency

    Marki ensures transparency on Price and Impact for every transaction through the platform.


    This provides management with a tool to set financial targets based on impact. By doing so, Impact becomes embedded in buying behavior and in financial management.

    Use of Blockchain

    Through the creation of an open source and Blockchain-based database for impact data, Marki creates transparency on the impact of each garment. Also Marki's logic enables buyers to verify the origin of each transaction.

  • Why we need you to join us

    Step 1: Prototype

    The first stage of Marki's development was the creation of a prototype Interaction Design, funded by an investor.


    This prototype shows what Marki will look like, and how it works. However, the prototype is not yet capable of calculating the best transactions for each buyer that trades through our platform.

    Step 2: MVP

    Therefore the next stage is the development of an MVP (minimum viable product) on top of the prototype.


    The MVP does have the ability to execute transactions in real-time by means of an underlying algorithm that calculates what best to buy, and from whom.


    The sooner we have this MVP, the sooner we can run test-transactions in real-time. And thus generate revenues.

  • And this is where you can help us.

    Several investors are interested in financing the crucial step of the development of the MVP. In addition we're negotiating a strategic partnership with an industry partner.


    Although this is all happening at this very moment, we're not there yet.


    At the same time, we've been receiving requests from people who'd like to financially support our MVP development to elevate Marki to a next level asap.


    And we appreciate that deeply. Because the more funding we receive, the sooner we can launch our product and make a substantial impact on the clothes we all wear.


    That is why we have created an opportunity to support our development.


    It sort of works like crowdfunding:

  • 1

    You can support by investing in Marki through a loan.


    This loan is repaid or converted under the condition that Marki closes an investment of at least 250.000 EUR in total. Until such an investment is finalized, the loan is considered to be a donation to Marki.


    If an investor invests 250.000 EUR or more, you have 2 options. The first: you receive a 6% interest rate.


    Alternatively, your loan is converted into depositary receipts ("certificaten op aandelen") through which you receive economic ownership of shares in Marki.


    Please note that this opportunity is for people (or companies) who consider to invest a minimum amount of 200 EUR.


    If you're interested, drop us a mail by clicking here, and we'll get the paperwork going.